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Payment Plans

Account Types

Charge Account. Charge Accounts have approved credit applications on file. Charge accounts receive deliveries that are billed to their account. The terms for charge accounts are below.

  • Heating Oil and Kerosene payment due within 10 days of delivery date. There is a twenty cent per gallon discount for payments received within the 10 day period(minimum delivery applies).
  • On and Off Road Diesel and Gasoline. Payment due within 30 days of delivery.
  • Propane and propane installations. Payment due within 10 days of delivery/service.
  • Accounts with a balance over 30 days incur a finance charge of 1 ½% per month.
  • Cash On Delivery Account (C.O.D.). The C.O.D. Account can pay in advance of the delivery. This can be done by paying at the office, calling in a payment, or paying the driver at the time of delivery (New customers that have not previously set up an account are requested to pay with cash or credit card for the initial delivery, after which personal checks can be accepted.)

Payment Options

Pay Online
Log in to Your Account and pay your bill through a secure online program.
Auto Pay
It’s easy, convenient and efficient. This payment program deducts your bill automatically from your checking or savings account each month. Your Automatic Bill Payment transactions can be deducted from accounts at virtually any financial institution (bank, credit union, etc.). These transactions will appear each month on your bank statement. We accept numerous forms of payment starting with old fashioned cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.

Download and fill out this form to get started.

Payment Plan

Break your heating expense up into manageable monthly payments.

Payment Plans begin in July and provide the opportunity to build a credit before the heating season begins.

  • It is designed to help our customers spread 4 or 5 months of fuel deliveries over a 12 month period.
  • There are no additional costs for using the PAYMENT PLAN. With up-to-date payments, the CASH DISCOUNT(heating oil and kerosene) will still be received.
  • The PAYMENT PLAN takes into account a full tank. If your tank is under 1/2 a delivery and payment for that delivery should be completed before the program begins.
  • Participation is easy; just make the minimum monthly payment on time and you’re in the Payment Plan.
  • In June we normally send out brochures to all our customers who participated in the season just ending and to those who have expressed an interest in joining the Payment Plan.
  • The brochure has been worked up for each customer based upon their past history.
    • We take the last 3 years usage, when possible, and get an average.
    • We then multiply that times an estimated fuel price for the upcoming heating season.
    • This result is divided by 12 months and you have the minimum amount due each month beginning in July on or before the 10th and continuing till June of the following year.
  • Some will find in their brochure an outstanding current balance that will need to be paid prior to the start of the new Payment Plan. Reasons for a balance at the end of the season may be:
    • A payment or two may have been missed during the heating season.
    • Your fuel usage for the year may have been higher than average.
    • Fuel price may have been higher than original budget estimates.
  • Others will find they had a credit from the previous season which was used to reduce their monthly payment.  Reasons for a credit may be:
    • You may have sent us payments higher than the minimum monthly payment.
    • Your fuel usage for the year may have been lower than average (new windows, new furnace, additional installation, set thermostat lower, or a warmer than usual winter).
    • Fuel prices may have averaged lower than had been expected.
  • We will monitor your Payment Plan throughout the heating season. In the event that adjustments are required, in either direction, we will be in contact with you.

Please contact our office if you are interested in signing up at info@mcclearyoil.com or call us at 717-264-6181.