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Propane (LP) is a liquefied petroleum gas that comes out of both oil and natural gas wells. Propane does not occur naturally though.  Raw crude oil or raw natural gas is refined to make different types of petroleum products, one of which is propane. Following it's refinement, propane is stored as a liquid under pressure until utilized, at which point it becomes a gas. Additional information can be found at www.usepropane.com.

Propane has many uses in addition to home heating such as cooking, hot water, clothes drying, fireplace, outdoor fireplace, generators, and more.

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There are many options for storing propane at your home. Unlike heating oil tanks, propane must be stored outdoors. Tank sizes range from 23 gallons to 2,000 gallons for most home applications. Tank size is based on the specific demand of the home. Tanks can be installed aboveground or underground. Underground propane tanks do not have any environmental concerns, and with proper protection can last 40-50 years. We can provide the tanks as well as the piping from the tank to your appliance.

Which is the best product for your application? The fuel product that would suit your specific needs can vary. Heating oil has the most BTU’s(measure of heat units) of heat compared to propane, however propane has the flexibility of providing other options such as a fireplace, cooking, clothes drying, outdoor grill, back-up generator, and lighting. Give us a call and we will be glad to discuss which product fits your specific needs.

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